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Quorn Pizza

I love Pizza.  I love eating pizza and I love making pizza but quite often after a very busy day I really don’t have the time or energy to make pizza dough which doesn’t help me at all on the days that I really fancy a pizza.  I managed to find a great alternative to my much loved pizza which requires only 3 ingredients, on this occasion the ingredients were purchased from Tesco and can be seen below.


By using a cheese and Tomato flatbread I already have my base ready, a few slices of quorn pepperoni and mozzarella and it’s ready to bake in the oven for 5-7 minutes not the 12 that I left mine in for on this occasion.



This is the perfect quick meal that goes from fridge to table in less than 10 minutes and even the busiest of person has 10 minutes.  I’ve tried lots of different taste variations including using left over chilli, pasta sauce, chicken and sweetcorn, anchovy and olive, goats cheese and red onion and Chinese chicken and beansprouts.  You can swap the base for crumpets, muffins, wraps, naan bread or even plain bread. Who doesn’t love Pizza toast?

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Feed The Family For £2.75

Day 4 of Feed The Family For £5 and we’re really finding it hard not to go out and purchase a sandwich for lunch, a cake while out shopping of a coffee when passing starbucks.  I’ve started to feel really grateful that I don’t usually have to penny pinch like I have been doing this week.

Breakfast was the same as each morning so far, Mr and Mini Gourmand had Shredded Wheat Summer Fruits cereal, I had Honey and Almond Special K, our breakfast worked out at £0.30.


Lunch was the same Vegetable pasta that we had yesterday, I tried to use different herbs to give a different flavour compared to yesterdays dish but it still tasted the same, maybe if I had used a different type of pasta it would have changed the dish but I had purchased a bulk packet of pasta and didn’t want to cut into my budget. Today’s lunch consisted of some peppers, a vine tomato, cream cheese, dried herbs and dried pasta.  Each portion worked out at 20p each meaning Lunch for everyone was £0.60.

mediteranian veg


Dinner was quorn fillets which were yellow sticker served with some of my Optigrill peppers, some courgettes gifted to us from a friends allotment, some cous cous mixed with fresh herbs from my balcony and raisins.  I served this with some broccoli that we had grown in a pot on our balcony. Dinner worked out at £1.85

We spent the day in the park after lunch and didn’t have any snacks today.

I spent a total of £2.75 on food today, my tip for today is to keep checking the supermarkets for yellow stickered food especially towards the end of the day when they need it to be sold.

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