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The Fat Pug – Leamington Spa

The Fat Pug is one of those hip places where all the cool kids go offering a range of real ales and a capsule home cooked menu, of course it’s family friendly and dogs are welcome too.

We’ve passed on numerous occasions but it’s either been too early or late for lunch, but last week when we were on the way home from looking at a new car we were just in time for a spot of lunch.

pepperoni pizza, Fat Pug

Mr Gourmand would probably eat Pepperoni Pizza for every meal. Fact. When he spotted the Margherita Pizza with the optional extra of Pepperoni there was no question that this would be his choice of meal.  The pizza was described by Mr Gourmand as delicious which was quite surprising to me as he usually has some sort of complaint about pizza that hasn’t come from an Italian restaurant, he enjoyed it so much he was talking about what toppings he would have next time we visit!

fish and chips fat pug

I couldn’t resist trying the Tempura battered fish and chips with home made tartar sauce and minted mushy peas.  The fish that I was served was actually more of a whale than a fish as you can see from the picture, the batter was extremely light and superbly crisp on both the outside and inside which I was pleased about as there is nothing worse than cutting through crisp batter on the outside and finding it’s all soggy inside.  The tartar sauce was chunky, tangy and creamy which complemented the fish so well, the picked onion was crispy and sharp just as they should be.  My only criticism was that the minted mushy peas were a little on the watery side and this really is just personal taste, I like my mushy peas to be thick.  This was a mammoth meal and even though I had baby Gourmand helping me with the peas and the fish I still managed to leave food on my plate.

After a couple of real ales and a relaxing chat about how much we liked the pub we decided to make our way home, we were really impressed with the Fat Pug and have made plans to go back again soon for breakfast as the menu sounds delicious so keep a look out for the blog post coming soon.

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Feed The Family For £4.06

I stupidly forgot to take photographs yesterday so you will have to use your imagination, I will make sure tomorrow’s post has them!

Breakfast for Mr and Mini Gourmand was Shredded Wheat Summer Fruits cereal, this is currently on offer at Tesco for £1.50 a box, I had a voucher for a box of Honey and Almond Special K so our breakfast worked out at £0.30

Lunch was Chicken Salad sandwiches using leftover chicken and salad on Tesco Finest Oat Bread (£1) £0.75

Dinner worked out cheaper than I had ever imagined, I purchased some Chicken Legs from Aubrey Allen butchers costing £2.50 for 5.  The chickens sold by Aubrey Allen are corn fed free range and are delicious, I won’t buy cheap meat so it goes to show that if you find a good butcher it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

I used 3 of the Chicken Legs and served this with Cauliflower/broccoli cheese, asparagus, baby sweetcorn, carrots, mash and yorkshire puddings.  This meal cost £2.85 with some veg left over for Vegetable potato cakes tomorrow.  My hint is to only buy what you need either from a fruit and veg shop or using yellow stickers at the supermarket.  Don’t be embarrassed about buying 1 carrot if that’s all you will use.  I went to Tesco after 4pm and they had greatly reduced the packs of veg, all had at least a day left on them.

Snacks were some Tesco own brand Nice biscuits with a cup of tea costing £0.16

I spent a total of £4.06 on food today, I can’t actually believe it came under £5 if I’m honest!  I’m going to try and save up any leftover money so we can have something special on the last day.

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Sozzled Sausage – Leamington Spa

The Sozzled Sausage is a bar in Leamington Spa that we have passed on numerous occasions, often when taking Mini Gourmand to Lantern Corner for sweets if she behaves, which is not that often! Anyway, we all decided to pop in for a quick bite to eat not so long ago, and we think this place is something special!


Mr Goumand had the sausage sandwich (£5.00) which was simple, tasty, excellent bread, nice side salad and amazing onion rings! oh my gosh those onion rings were good, so light and crispy and maybe, dare I say, the nicest onion rings I had ever tried!? tough call but for the moment, and unless my memory tells me otherwise by the time I finish writing this post I’m standing by that statement….the nicest onion rings I have ever had!

fish and chips

Mini Gourmand had the fish and chips (£7.50)! obviously feeling a bit peckish on this occasion. Huge portion and it looked very nice, I must admit I didn’t get a chance to try it because one minute it was there, a full fish almost bigger than her head, and the next, gone, just like magic. I’m not bothered, I’ll have it next time I visit!

chicken burger

I had the Chicken Burger (£7.50) which was amazing. The bread, which I think came from a local shop, and the juicy chicken breast was out of this world, I couldn’t even finish it, it was that big and filling. Another tough call but again I’m going to make it, the best chicken burger I have ever had!!?? Oh and yes, the onion rings are the second nicest I have had, after some I made for Mr Gourmand a year or so ago…..where is that recipe again!?

You can find the Sozzled Sausage at 141 Regent Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom CV32 4NX

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Leaf – Leamington Spa


Myself and Mr Gourmand love a breakfast in the morning, Mr Gourmand more so than me. He’s got this really annoying habbit of wanting to go out really early for his favourite meal of the day because during his studies he used to meet friends really early for breakfast as a way of motivating them all to start working first thing, and for some reason even now, all these years later, he likes to go out super early for a nice breakfast. Weird guy.

When we first moved to Leamington we popped into Leaf for a cold drink on a super hot saturday afternoon, we really enjoyed it and promised to go back, but for some reason never did. Anyway, during a recent shopping trip into Leamington centre, Mr Gourmand was wandering outside a shop waiting for me and was gormlessley looking through the window of Leaf, the breakfast menu immediately caught his eye, so the following week we went in to try it out.

Leaf is lovely inside, very relaxing and bright. The place has two distinctive parts, a bright and airy entrance with seating near the window looking out onto the shoppers of Leamington, then at the back is an orangery type space with a large roof light where the piano player sits and plonks out tunes……..chopsticks, probably, maybe.

Right, time for the food.


A Full english breakfast was Mr Gourmands unusual choice, for some reason he always goes for something smaller than a full english, then is gutted if he sees someone else with it and it looks better than what he decided on. So, this time he finally learnt from his mistakes and went for it. Wow was he impressed! Not massive, but the quality was outstanding – he even said it was certainly the best he could remember having. The sausages were quality, just as they should be, the bacon was out of this world, almost smokey like it had been done on a bbq!? Yum, he described it as delicious. As I am writing this he has just looked over my shoulder and has insisted we go again this morning….ok then, why not.


I went for the Vegetarian Breakfast which was also amazing, the vegie sausages were excellent, so much better than the usual cardboard tasting things, in fact really quite similar to real sausages! As you guys know, I’m not a vegetarian, just don’t eat pork, so unless a place does beef sausages this is my only option, and boy what a good option it was! Everything oozed quality, the bread, the tomatoes, the eggs, even the nice cress touch added something unexpected from what was really an exceptional meal.

baby gourmand

Baby Gourmand even sat watching Top Gear on the tv giving us perfect peace while we finished our yummy food. Mini Gourmand even came to meet us, sadly too late for breakfast though….silly girl, that’ll teach you for being embarrassed to be seen in public with us!

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What’s In My Fridge?


I love nothing better than having a peak into someone elses fridge, I like to see what sort of snacks, vegetables and jars people eat.  I’m terrible for keeping out of date jars so it always interests me to see if other people do the same!

Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed some ‘What’s in my fridge’ posts appear in my blog reader so I thought I would do my own so you can have a peek inside of my fridge.



I haven’t had the chance to do a proper instore shop for a couple of weeks now, I’m 8 months pregnant and carrying shopping bags is no longer an option for me so I’ve been ordering a weekly shop from Ocado and picking up small extras from my local Tesco and Marks & Spencer.

The top shelf of the fridge contains jars of pickles, jams and other condiments (I made sure to check the dates before posting) I’m not brand loyal at all but I am a little bit of a snob and rarely buy supermarket branded items.

The second shelf down is quite boring and contains Philadelphia which I find has a multitude of uses from cheesecake to pasta sauce, Coca-Cola is something I know I shouldn’t drink especially during my pregnancy but It’s the one caffeine treat I allow myself to have.

I’ve been suffering from leg twitches during the night since I was around 5 months pregnant, I read somewhere that Tonic Water can help ease the twitch so I like to make sure I have a bottle in the fridge to allow my nightly glass.  I don’t like the taste of plain tonic water so I usually buy the twist of lemon or lime, I’m brand loyal to tonic water as store brand just doesn’t cut it.

Finally on the second shelf we have olive oil spread and sea salted butter, If I’m going to be baking a lot I usually have a few varieties of butter in the fridge.

Third shelf down houses Mr Gourmand’s beer, he got a box of 12 bottles for his birthday in December from a friend and there are 5 bottles left in the fridge, there is a bottle of Coca-Cola which was part of an Ocado meal deal.

We don’t have a dessert every evening but I have a Raspberry Trifle and a couple of Aero mousse just incase my daughter wants a treat after dinner. We have two shop bought garlic breads and a pack of tesco onion bahjis which I wouldn’t usually buy but again they came as part of a meal deal and I’m getting lazy carrying all of this extra weight around.

It was my birthday yesterday and we had a Chinese takeaway, my fourth shelf contains two bowls of leftovers which we will have again heated up this evening.  I love coconut but hate cutting it up so waitrose pre packed coconut is perfect for me, finally I have a bag of fresh pasta and a couple of fresh sauces.

My final shelf contains two Pizza Express Pizzas, Turkey Bacon (3 packs as it’s hard to find), Duck,  Lasagna and a stir fry sauce.

My bottom drawer is always filled to bursting with vegetables, I have a wide variety this week including Pumpkin, Leeks, Mushrooms, Celery, Tomatoes, Peppers, Salad ingredients, 2 Cabbages, Carrots and Stir Fry veg.


My fridge door is looking a little sorry for itself today, I usually have a selection of cheese at the top but it’s been empty since christmas as I havent been able to get to the cheese shop.

My most use condiments can be found on the first shelf which are wholegrain mustard, Dijon mustard, Tartar sauce and chilli sauce.

Second shelf down contains dressings, ketchup and bbq sauce along with some apple juice and coconut water.

Finally we have Milk, more tonic water and a bottle of fresh water for drinking (It tastes so much better cold)

So that’s all folks, that is the contents of my fridge, I won’t bother showing you my freezer as it only contains bags of ice and frozen leftovers.

If you are a blogger and have done a similar post I would love you to post a link below so I can have a nose!

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