Spaghetti Hotdogs

spaghetti hotdogs


After looking at numerous pinterest pictures featuring spaghetti hotdogs I let curiosity get the better of me and prepared them for dinner one evening much to everyone’s disgust. What is so wrong with spaghetti hotdogs? Mr Gourmand said they looked disgusting and Mini Gourmand said she couldn’t understand why anyone would want to eat them!

I prepared a quick tomato and basil sauce to pour over the top and plates were clean before I could even blink.  I’ll admit that they don’t look the most appetising and the lighting in my kitchen hasn’t helped matters but they were delicious.

To make spaghetti hotdogs you basically need a tin/jar of good quality hotdog sausages (we had chicken ones) and raw spaghetti.  Thread the spaghetti through the slices of hotdog, boil in a pan until the spaghetti is cooked and there you have it.

I suspect that young children will love this dish, it would make great party food and could be used at Halloween for some ghoulish dish.

If you do decide to make this dish please let me know what you think of it!

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One thought on “Spaghetti Hotdogs

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    My girls love these…They thought they were amazing the first time I dished them up 🙂

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